[rspec-users] RSpec-rails 1.2.2: autospec passes but "rake spec" fails

Tadatoshi Takahashi lists at ruby-forum.com
Sat Mar 28 00:19:49 EDT 2009

Stephen Eley wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 27, 2009 at 4:50 PM, Tadatoshi Takahashi
> <lists at ruby-forum.com> wrote:
>> About Steve's comment,
>> I may not be familiar with everything in Ruby on Rails but I am willing
>> to learn.
> FWIW, I absolutely did not mean my comment as an insult, to you or
> anybody else.  I was going a bit more general, and wasn't referring
> specifically to you.  Anyway, in my own head "new user" is _never_ an
> insult.  Everybody starts there.  It's like insulting someone for
> having been born.
>> And I would like to know in which case it would be better to run RSpec
>> in an environment other than test one.
> I can see cases where some specialized behaviors might run in specific
> environments -- for instance, maybe you have a routine task in your
> staging environment that copies data from the production environment,
> etc.  If those behaviors are non-trivial, it makes sense to spec and
> test them.  But if they're initialized in your environment config
> files, you're then stuck either with doing backflips to try to fake
> out Rails, or running your specs in that environment.
> That's just one hypothetical case off the top of my head.  Doubtless
> there are others that might be logical.  (And a whole lot more that
> wouldn't be, but someone would surely try them anyway.)
>> To me, I like clear separation of development, test, and production
>> environment in Ruby on Rails.
>> And I like to run Specs in test environment because for every run of a
>> spec (example), database is cleaned up and doesn't affect the result of
>> running the next spec (example). And I don't want the development
>> database to be cleaned up by running RSpec against it.
> And you're absolutely right.  On all of that.  Anything different
> would be an exception, not the rule.  It sounds to me like you're
> pretty grounded in the principles of Rails -- don't sell yourself
> short.
> --
> Have Fun,
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Hi, Steve.

Thank you for your reply.
I am glad that I have learned a lot from your replies.


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