[rspec-users] mock_model with Rspec/Rspec-rails 1.2 and Rails 2.3 [re : Pat & David)

Tom Meier tom at zudio.com.au
Wed Mar 18 18:49:55 EDT 2009


	Thanks for the assistance, I overlooked the obvious with the '=' in  
the error... After reviewing the error i started a new project and  
tried to replicate to show you the steps, but everything works as it  
should (sorry - i should have completed that already before contacting  
you). After narrowing it down with Pats' suggestion, it turns out it  
was referring back to itself, I was using a blueprint with the plugin  
'Machinist', and a method was of the same name as a field name  
('login') so it was pointing back to itself trying to make a mock of a  

So thanks for your assistance, much appreciated... Just overlooked  

Best regards,


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> From: Pat Maddox <pat.maddox at gmail.com>
> Date: 19 March 2009 3:54:10 AM
> To: rspec-users <rspec-users at rubyforge.org>
> Subject: Re: [rspec-users] mock_model with Rspec/Rspec-rails 1.2 and  
> Rails 2.3
> Reply-To: rspec-users <rspec-users at rubyforge.org>
> On Mar 17, 2009, at 11:37 PM, David Chelimsky wrote:
>> 2009/3/18 Tom Meier <tom at zudio.com.au>:
>>> With the above settings when our specs run (while on rails 2.3 and  
>>> rspec
>>> 1.2), the following error occurs :
>>> undefined method `mock_model=' for #<User:0x2d5887c>
>> The error says "mock_model=", which indicates that you're trying to
>> set it somewhere in your code. Please show us the spec that is  
>> failing
>> with a reference to the line that is raising that error.
> I think this would require him to do
> self.mock_model = blah
> or
> send("mock_model=", blah)
> which seems really, really weird.  Oh well.  Some code ought to  
> clear it up.
> Pat
> From: Pat Maddox <pat.maddox at gmail.com>

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