[rspec-users] Cucumber - Adding a step definition

Andrew Premdas apremdas at gmail.com
Sat Mar 14 16:10:20 EDT 2009

Is the syntax you're using a misreading of the wiki advice on Feature-Coupled

Why not have

"GIven a policy with a PCF practice state and seconday risk"

This is not a featured coupled step because PCF practice state and secondary
risk are part of the Policies state and are not seperate. Seperating the
step as you have done does not reduce coupling. In fact all it does is
complicate the steps because a variable containing the policy has to now be
in the 3 steps.

Perhaps the need for a with is a 'smell' suggesting that you are seperating
a step that is intrinsically coupled. So with really shouldn't be needed at



2009/3/13 Tim Hart <THart at picagroup.com>

> List,
> Quick question about Cucumber/Gherkin.
> I'm considering adding 'With' as a step definition to support scenarios
> like:
> Given a policy
> With a PCF practice state
> And a secondary risk
> ...
> I'm fairly new to ruby - but I can't quite get this one figured out. I've
> tried adding
> Cucumber.alias_steps (['With'])
> To my features/support/env.rb file, but when I run cucumber, I still get a
> Syntax error. It looks like my 'with' never gets added to the original list.
> Suggestions?
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