[rspec-users] [cucumber] open source projects with cucumber features

Matt Wynne matt at mattwynne.net
Sat Mar 14 11:05:35 EDT 2009

On 13 Mar 2009, at 18:13, Oliver Barnes wrote:

> Rails, but any other would be helpful as well, really.
> Just a repo of varied real-world cucumber feature examples already
> would help a lot, even without the feature steps or an actual
> developed app. I've been mining samples from pasties, tutorials and
> from github, but have found only a few scattered (and several
> theoretical), and have not found a more evolved and cohesive set.
> I'm working on a real project using cucumber right now, and though I
> think I understand the principles shown on the rspec book and the
> cucumber wiki, as well as on the discussions here, at times I've
> gotten stuck in writing features with my client, without patterns to
> draw from.

I think this is a problem, because most of the apps people are writing  
with Cucumber are proprietary, so there aren't any good examples in  
the public domain.

Hopefully once the code stabilizes for 0.2 we can start building the  
Cucumber web GUI as a shining example of how we like to do this.

Matt Wynne

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