[rspec-users] [webrat] click link by title doesn't work

Andrew Premdas apremdas at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 06:50:00 EDT 2009

Webrat 0.4.2 doesn't seem to allow you to click links by title. Am I missing
something stupid?
With steps below running in sequence, first passes, second fails

Then /^I should see a view (\w+) details link$/ do |object|
  response.should have_tag("a[title=#{object}_details]")

When /^I follow view (\w+) details link$/ do |object|
  click_link "#{object}_details}"

I think click link should find by

- innerHTML, with simple   handling
-  title
-  id
-  class

Does anyone have any contradictory opinions?

In the meantime I'll have a bash at writing a patch for this


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