[rspec-users] Presentation Testing and CSS ids

Phlip phlip2005 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 14:52:53 EDT 2009

James Byrne wrote:
> Zach Dennis wrote:

>> In my experience relying on the syntactic details of the page is
>> extremely brittle and cumbersome. ... Some tags have both syntactic
>> and semantic meaning, such as forms, labels, fieldsets, and anchor tags.

> Is it "brittle" to test for specific css selectors that are tied to page 
> details?  A typical case is where one has a button to drive in webrat 
> and instead of using the button text we use the associated id value 
> instead.

It is if your art department refuses to stop putting styles on ID tags!

Other than that, if you need more than one TR, for example, and your test should 
scrape them up and look at them, searching for their class is nice.

Does anyone here allow their art departments to directly edit and check in 
html.erb files? I suppose that would change things!


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