[rspec-users] response.body.should be_xml_with -- how to do nested xpath matches

Phlip phlip2005 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 02:43:05 EDT 2009

Zach Dennis wrote:

> XPath is merely the mechanism in which you're allowed to find
> particular elements on a page. After typing:
>    xpath :input, :name => "foo"
>    xpath :input, :name => "bar"
>    xpath :input, :name => "baz"
> I would probably write my own wrapper so I could omit the redundant
> "xpath" call all over the place. After all, I only care that the input
> is found, if it uses XPath to do it--awesome.

Yet such a wrapper can fit quite comfortably on the application side - not 
necessarily on the vendor side. For example, if I care that a given sequence of 
inputs have a class keyed to the current user's permissions, then that (and the 
naughty xpath) go inside the new custom assertion: assert_input_for(@user). Such 
wrappers obviously should not fall on the vendor side.

I like leaving the XPath hanging out because its operators and axes are always 
available _without_ more DSLization.

Your remaining points are noted - the answers are either "violent agreement" or 
"then don't do it like that". Augmented by my next post!


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