[rspec-users] what has RSpec got against stack traces?

Phlip phlip2005 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 7 08:49:43 EST 2009

Scott Taylor wrote:

> Go and file a bug report then, but if you only give this level of 
> detail, the bug will never get fixed.

I am not reporting any bug in RSpec. Read the Subject line.

I think I know why RSpec has an option (-b) to turn off incomplete stack traces. 
The various Ruby editors have feeble support for Fault Navigation. At fault 
time, I would like keystrokes that move, optionally, to each line that threw an 
error, or each line in project code on the stack trace above an error, or even 
each line in library code above an error.

So RSpec, assuming its editor cannot support that simple feature, simply picks 
the short trace, to emphasize its own .should lines that faulted.

(Many's the time we have squinted at a humongoid stack trace from Rails, trying 
to see the difference between all the library code and our own lines!)


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