[rspec-users] what has RSpec got against stack traces?

Tero Tilus tero at tilus.net
Sat Mar 7 05:08:57 EST 2009

2009-03-07 01:12, Phlip:
> Test::Unit::TestCase said the error was ~20 layers deeper - but
> exactly below the same to_xml() call as RSpec indicated. RSpec threw
> the stack trace away.

You could have told that right away.  :-/

It seems I cant reproduce the trace mangling.  Do have steps to

> Please please please focus: Nobody is asking how to debug

We are trying.  You did not tell you did debugging, so we told you
to try it, because it is usually the first step.  Please, don't take
it personally that we might not all know you and your debug-fu.  ;)

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