[rspec-users] what has RSpec got against stack traces?

Tero Tilus tero at tilus.net
Sat Mar 7 03:00:04 EST 2009

2009-03-06 22:32, Phlip:
> Line 192 contains neither a stray nil nor a method 'macro'.

So what exactly _is_ there?  Do you know that particular line causes
(or noes not cause) the error?  

In situations like this I usually pop to debugger right before the
problematic line and then poke around (eval the problematic expression
in smaller parts, move up in the call stack and look for anomalies) to
find out whats up.

> The question is why did RSpec throw away the backtrace?

How do you know it did that?  From the information you gave us, I
can't deduce that.  ...and maybe I just suck at deduction.  ;)

> Am I the first person in history to hit a programming error inside
> RSpec??

What makes you suspect you are?

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