[rspec-users] Webrat - Fill in text field by id

James Byrne lists at ruby-forum.com
Fri Mar 6 12:03:48 EST 2009

Steve Molitor wrote:
> Is there a way to locate and 'fill in' a text field (or check a check 
> box,
> select an option, etc.) by id?  It seems that the fill_in method takes
> either the text of the label pointing to the field or the field name. 
> The
> are cases when writing cucumber steps when using the HTML id of the 
> input
> element would be easier, especially when a page has multiple forms with 
> the
> same labels and input names.
> Thanks,
> Steve

Yes, just provide the text of the id selector, do not add anything else.

So, for an id="test_this_id" on a button you can write in your 

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