[rspec-users] Cucumber + Webrat + Selenium + ActionMailer

Raimond Garcia lists at ruby-forum.com
Fri Mar 6 06:23:19 EST 2009

Manasi Vora wrote:
> Hi Rai,
> Good that you have found a solution..
> but I still don't understand why you want to test sending mails from the
> browser. In my project, we use Cucumber + Webrat for writing functional
> features.
> and Cucumber + selenium for acceptance features.
> Functional tests can enable ruby code and test for the number of mails 
> sent
> and to whom, etc
> Acdeptance only tests what the user would see..
> Let me know if it makes sense.. and it would be great if you could 
> elaborate
> on your purpose of testing mails from the browser...
> Thanks,
> Manasi

Hi Manasi,

We have a bit of both, sometimes we can test email sending with Cucumber 
+ Webrat, but in this particular case, the feature that sent out emails 
also used Javascript.

We could have split the feature in two, one to test the Javascript with 
a Selenium feature and one to test the emails with a Webrat feature, but 
IMHO adding a couple of steps to the selenium feature to check for 
emails, is a good choice to help to clearly see the whole intent of the 

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