[rspec-users] Story / Redirection to static html within public

Raills Rocks lists at ruby-forum.com
Fri Mar 6 01:52:11 EST 2009

I have a story written using webat.
>  This story uses the above controller and it expects the redirection.
>  This story always fails as within the story it cannot follow the
>  redirection (Always gives a 500 error). It does not seem to be able to
>  access any public/ content within the story.

>Rails Integration tests talk directly to controllers, since there is
>no controller in front of static files there is no way to access them
>as far as I've seen.

You can redirect the static files by creating an extra file say some 
home.html or index.html and then specifying the path of your next html 
file(that you want to forward). From that file onwards the redirection 
takes place correctly without looking for controller.
I remind you home.html file must be rendered through controller action 
render :file=>".....path to html folder"/home.html
I hope this helps.
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