[rspec-users] where does cucumber.yml live?

r_j_h_box-sf at yahoo.com r_j_h_box-sf at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 5 12:12:36 EST 2009

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> From: John Small <lists at ruby-forum.com>
> > In the project root (or wherever you're typing commands from).

> Is this documented anywhere, or are people expected to just know it?

I added the information to the wiki in one or two places, having been bitten by the same expectation you had, and having read through the code that seeks out that file.  

I think it should look in places named in the options, plus the config/ directory, personally.  The config directory is where I'd want to put it, but not every project in the world is a rails project, so I add a grain of salt to that impulse.


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