[rspec-users] Can I construct the controller myself in a controller spec?

Matt Wynne matt at mattwynne.net
Thu Mar 5 04:31:42 EST 2009

On 5 Mar 2009, at 06:02, David Chelimsky wrote:

> On Wed, Mar 4, 2009 at 10:38 PM, Perryn Fowler <pezlists at gmail.com>  
> wrote:
>> Hi
>> I am experimenting with Constructor based dependency injection for
>> rails controllers.
>> So I have something like this
>> class LoginSessionsController < ApplicationController
>>  def initialize(authenticator =  TheRealAuthenticator)
>>    @authenticator = authenticator
>>  end
>>  ....
>> end
>> The plan was to override the authenticator used when testing with  
>> something like
>> describe LoginSessionsController.new(MyMockAuthenticator) do
>>   ......
>> end
>> but rspec seems to insist on constructing the controller itself
> No, Rails insists upon constructing the controller itself. rspec-rails
> just wraps rails' testing framework. I'd much rather be constructing
> the objects myself.
> As for DI, there is a wealth of discussion about DI in Ruby in various
> user lists - general consensus is don't do it. I concur. You don't
> need it. You might be particularly interested in
> http://rubyconf2008.confreaks.com/recovering-from-enterprise.html, in
> which Jamis Buck, who authored a DI library for Ruby named needle,
> explains why that was unnecessary.

That sounds a little bit like throwing the baby out with the bathwater  
though - you still need to be able to do some kind of DI if you're  
doing TDD, so that you can swap in a fake dependency, no? DI doesn't  
have to mean you use some fancy framework.

As Pat said, this is hard when the object you want to test (in this  
case, a Rails ActionController) is so damn awkward to instantiate in a  

One approach would be to change the references to @authenticator in  
your controller to call a local #authenticator method, then override  
this with a TestController subclass and use that subclass instead in  
your test.

David, how would you suggest the OP injects his MockAuthenticator?  
stub out Authenticator.new? I guess that's what I mostly do.

Matt Wynne

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