[rspec-users] Feature Size-Scope-Scale

Bart Zonneveld zuperinfinite at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 10:19:38 EST 2009

On 2-mrt-2009, at 16:07, James Byrne wrote:

> The more I work with BDD the more I realize how different this is from
> my previous experience.  I now consider that part of the difficulty I
> have lies in establishing the proper scale for the features that I
> propose.  My question lies in that vein.  What size should a  
> feature be?

It should be big enough to describe the functionality.

Imagine a weblog system, with which a user can post articles.
My typical approach would be 4 features, Creating/Editing/Destroying  
and Viewing a post.
Imagine I have validates_presence for the title and contents of an  

The Creating feature would have 3 scenarios:
- Creating an article
- Creating an article without a title
- Creating an article without the contents

Updating, 4 scenarios:
- Updating the title
- Updating the contents
- Removing the title (eg, a blank title)
- Removing the contents

Destroying and Viewing would be just 1 scenario.

I am rather curious what other list members use though..


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