[rspec-users] Integrate or isolate views?

Zach Moazeni zach.lists at gmail.com
Tue Jun 30 13:00:39 EDT 2009


I wrote a post that reflected on the pros/cons of testing views on a  
project of ours. http://simplechatter.com/2008/02/ascribe-a-case-study-on-view-specs/

I don't expect this to persuade anyone, but it was an attempt at an  
objective perspective.

On Jun 28, 2009, at 3:16 PM, Jesse Crockett wrote:

> IMO, this is what the RSpec Book needs (at this point in beta),
> real-world conclusions based on experience, rather than "take it on
> faith that you will 'revel' in the rewards."  Thanks, Sarah

Zach Moazeni

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