[rspec-users] Test doubles: expect "x" and don't care about anything else

Wincent Colaiuta win at wincent.com
Sun Jun 28 18:02:51 EDT 2009

El 28/6/2009, a las 23:04, Matt Wynne escribió:

> On 28 Jun 2009, at 13:07, Wincent Colaiuta wrote:
>> I've had one of my recurring doubts about test doubles come up again.
>> The full post is here but I'll abbreviate the content in this  
>> message in any case:
>> https://wincent.com/blog/thinking-about-switching-to-rr
>> Basically, in one of my controller specs I wanted to verify that  
>> the following line was being called and doing the right thing:
>> @comment = Comment.find params[:id]
>> I had a mock for this set up, but it broke when unrelated code in  
>> the model was modified (a complex callback which itself called  
>> Comment.find).
> I'd like to know more about how this happened. How did the model  
> object's behaviour leak into the controller spec?

This was a spec for the controller's "update" action, which does a  
"save" on the record. At one point a change was made to the model to  
do some complex updates in the after_save callback, and these involved  
doing another Comment.find call, but with different parameters.

>> In my ideal test-double framework, I'd like to really assert two  
>> things about the line of code in question:
>> 1. That Comment.find gets called with a specific param at some  
>> point in time.
>> 2. That the @comment instance variable gets the expected value  
>> assigned to it.
> So why not use
> Comment.stub!(:find).with(123).and_return(mock(Comment))

Because there are actually two "find" calls here:

- the one I actually care about
- the other one in the after_save callback which is irrelevant to the  

I original used "should_receive", not "stub", so RSpec complained  
about getting "find" with the unexpected parameters. If I change to  
"stub" then I'm losing my assertion (no longer checking that the  
message gets sent), injecting a different return value (adding  
complexity), for no visible benefit (may as well just throw away the  


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