[rspec-users] Integrate or isolate views?

Jesse Crockett lists at ruby-forum.com
Sun Jun 28 10:32:57 EDT 2009


I've been trying for two years to pick up BDD.  I'm making progress,
have just read through the chapters in The RSpec Book on spec'ing views
and controllers.

What is the difference between using integrate_views and doing what
seems to be a lot of extra work to test the views in isolation?

When I use integrate_views, can I write view spec in what would
otherwise be isolated controller spec?

I read that I'm "encouraged" to do these in isolation, but IMHO the
chapter on spec'ing views is not very convincing in its own right, it
tells me that it's good, but doesn't show me as much, compared to the
examples and descriptions of circumstance that make several other
chapters very convincing.

Please help.  thanks

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