[rspec-users] The problem with learning RSpec

oren orengolan at gmail.com
Sat Jun 27 18:29:48 EDT 2009

Thank you so much Stephen.

I am ruby and rails beginner (created a simple site so far) that
decided to
dive into rspec and I feel the pains you described.

I decided to start new rails app and do it with rspec (and to only
test my models).
is there a github project with rspec code that test the models?
it will be great to look at the examples before jumping to theory.

Also, I just bought 'the rspec book'.  Can I only read the rspec parts
and skip the cucumber parts
or it doesn't fit into the books structure and I must read it from
start to finish?

Thanks again for the detailed post.  it really helps me understand
what I am getting into.

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