[rspec-users] before(:all)

lawrence.pit lawrence.pit at gmail.com
Sun Jun 7 22:40:05 EDT 2009


I took a stab at this and created what I call Machinery. So far it
works great for me.

For those that are looking for a way to create objects in the database
in a before(:all) instead of a before(:each) to speed up tests, have a
look at:



> > When I execute database actions within a before(:each) they are rolled
> > back after each example test has run.
> Nothing built in, and it's probably not something we'd support in
> rspec-rails, which simply wraps the transaction handling provided by
> rails, which rolls back after every test method (equivalent of an
> rspec example).
> You're not the first to have asked for this, so having a solution for
> it that would work with rails out of the box and with rspec would be
> helpful to the community. But I think that would have to be in a
> separate gem.

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