[rspec-users] Driving Out A View - Am I specifying too much?

Lee Lee.Longmore at googlemail.com
Sat Jun 6 01:23:02 EDT 2009

Thank you everyone for your helpful insights.

I had already gone down the route suggested by Zach but it was
nevertheless very re-assuring to have my approach validated as I am a
newbie to RSpec. I did however consolidate my expectations e.g.:

  context "when the member is a privileged member of a zone" do

    it "should display links for functions (Create sub-zone, Invite
member, Invite non-member)" do
       .... "a" tag expectations for each expected link as well as the
use of :count to check the number of links e.g. function_links.should
have_selector("li", :count => 4)

To Charlie's point, I do call a helper from my view to avoid
cluttering the view e.g.

  def function_links_for(functions, member, context)
    contents = content_tag(:li, link_to("Enter zone",
member_context_path(member, context)))
    functions.each do | function |
      case function.name
        when "ManageZone"
          contents << content_tag(:li, link_to("Manage zone",
edit_member_context_path(member, context)))
        when "RemoveZone"

'functions' is an array of Function objects valid for member and his/
her role for a given context (item).

But I opted not to test this explicitly but, I confess, on the basis
that Chapter 22 "Rails Helpers" in The RSpec Book is not yet written!


On 5 June, 22:36, Stephen Eley <sfe... at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 5, 2009 at 4:53 PM, Charlie Bowman<charlesmbow... at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I never spec my views.  I also never put conditional logic in the views.  If
> > you have links that should show up sometimes and not others why not just
> > move that logic into a helper or other associated class and test the method?
> Good point.  But if one is really being completionist, it still makes
> sense to check that the view is calling that helper.
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