[rspec-users] autospec runs failing specs forever in endless loop

Jarmo Pertman Jarmo.P at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 12:07:33 EDT 2009

Ok. I've created failing example.

Just create project directory and spec directory into it and add there
one spec file:

describe "autospec" do

	it "fails" do
		"hi".should eql("hello")


It fails, but for autotest it is still green (thus making growl and
snarl to report as everything is passing) and now I'm pretty sure that
it has to do with the fact that "should eql" outputs "expected" and
"got" result on different lines. As soon as you replace the matcher
to: "hi".eql?("hello").should be_true - then output is on single line
and autotest detects it as failing.

Still, problem is with the regular expression provided for autotest?


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