[rspec-users] Blue-ridge

Rick DeNatale rick.denatale at gmail.com
Fri Jul 24 20:16:51 EDT 2009

This might be slightly off-topic, but I thought that it might be of
interest for those who aren't already aware.

Earlier this week, Larry Karnowski and Jason Rudolph of Relevance,
gave a talk on blue-ridge http://www.screwcumber.com/

Blue-ridge is a rails plugin which incorporates several JavaScript
testing and execution goodies

  Screw.Unit which despite the name is a very RSpec like bdd library
for JavaScript
  Smoke - a mocha like JS mock library
  Rhino - a JVM based JS implementation
  env.js - A JS DOM implementation

Blue-ridge lets you generate spec templates, and run them from the
command line or with a textmate bundle. The generators also produce
html files which allow the specs to be run in the browser(s) of your

Nice stuff.

During the talk, I laid claim on the name ScrewCumber for the next
step, although I was quite surprised that it's already trademarked,
albeit for a different field.


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