[rspec-users] RSpec - Testing ActiveRecord addins

James Byrne lists at ruby-forum.com
Fri Jan 30 11:52:42 EST 2009

Pat Nakajima wrote:

> If you want an easy way to test ActiveRecord extensions, check out
> acts_as_fu: http://github.com/nakajima/acts_as_fu. It makes generating
> ActiveRecord models dead simple.

Perhaps I misunderstood what this gem is supposed to provide but when I 
call create! on an object produced by ActsASFu::build_model then I get a 
method missing error.  If I call create instead then I get a private 
method exception. Since what I am testing is a library that links into 
the create method this behaviour is problematic.

Other than this show stopper (for this situation) the gem seems to be 
quite user/tester friendly and useful.
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