[rspec-users] OK... What is ... fu ?

Nick Hoffman nick at deadorange.com
Fri Jan 30 10:10:28 EST 2009

On 30/01/2009, at 9:49 AM, James Byrne wrote:
> Pardon my ignorance, but exactly what does _fu mean WRT Ruby plugins,
> gems and such?
> I have run across this suffix a number of times in Ruby and Rails,
> always in connection with some add-on or extension.  In the original
> context that I encountered '_fu' I inferred that it probably stood for
> file upload.  However, its widespread use in other contexts evidently
> disproves this interpretation. So, does it have a meaning?  Does it
> derive from the foo in foobar? Does it stand for functional update?  
> Or,
> is it an obscure cultural reference to Ruby's Japanese origins?

I figure it means "skill", and originates from "kung-fu". So  
attachment_fu would be implying "strong attachment skills". Also, I've  
heard people say things like "My <something> fu is better than yours."

At least, that's my interpretation...

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