[rspec-users] simple == with prettier error messages + good documentation

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Thu Jan 29 16:56:31 EST 2009

I do like try_to do...end.or_report - much better for the case where I'm not trying to generate documentation.

I'm not sure it works so well for the case where I want to generate an extra element of documentation, though this might be just an implementation detail.


One of the first two could generate documentation, and one of the others might generate none.


From: Nick Hoffman <nick at deadorange.com>

On 29/01/2009, at 4:27 PM, aslak hellesoy wrote:
> http://gist.github.com/54758

Putting the message at the end is a great idea! I still think that naming the method (and thus starting the block) with "on_failure" is a bit misleading when read aloud...but maybe that's not a big concern for you guys?

What do you think about this modification to #3?:
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