[rspec-users] Strange message expectation behaviour with Time.now in a find condition

tatyree todd at snappl.co.uk
Thu Jan 29 13:08:15 EST 2009

Even if this is a bug, it's a pretty obscure one.  It was frustrating
the hell out of me until I found a workaround, so I thought I'd just
post the details:

Given a find like this:

def self.find_old
  User.all(:conditions => ['updated_at <= ?',Time.now - 1.day)

Trying to set a message expectation will always fail:

it "should find users" do
  User.should_receive(:all).with({:conditions => ['updated_at
<= ?',Time.now - 1.day]})

with the error:
  Mock 'Class' expected :all with ({:conditions=>["updated_at <= ?",
Wed Jan 28 17:59:02 +0000 2009]}) but received it with ({:conditions=>
["updated_at <= ?", Wed Jan 28 17:59:02 +0000 2009]})

Expected and received here are identical.

The only workaround I've found (the example here is simplified, but
the datetime in the model where I discovered the bug is critical and
so needs to be spec'd) is to wrap the Time call and the expectation in
another format:

User.all(:conditions => ['updated_at <= ?',(Time.now -


it "should find users" do
  User.should_receive(:all).with({:conditions => ['updated_at <= ?',
(Time.now - 1.day).xmlschema]})

I'm on rspec 1.1.12 on rails 2.1.0 and I'm guessing the + in the
formatted datetime is playing hell with a regexp somewhere.
Unfortunately, I don't have time to dig in to it myself right now.

I was seeing the same behaviour when I tried hash_including
(:conditions => ['updated_at <= ?',Time.now - 1.day]) as part of the


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