[rspec-users] [Cucumber] cucumber command does not work in db transaction

Joseph Wilk joe at josephwilk.net
Thu Jan 29 10:21:10 EST 2009

Ben Mabey wrote:
> Juanma Cervera wrote:
>> Joseph Wilk wrote:
>>> Woops, sorry I meant:
>>> @@@
>>> Cucumber::Rails.use_transactional_fixtures
>>> @@@
>> Joseph, thanks for the reply.
>> I do have Cucumber::Rails.use_transactional_fixtures in env.rb
>> I have verified it failing when setting the database in the new 
>> background section of the feature.
>> In that case I have to call manually db:test:prepare to clean up the 
>> database.
>> But it works like expected when I move the setup to the Scenario.
>> Juanma Cervera
> The transactions are setup to start and be rolled back for each 
> scenario.. Depending on how the Background section was implemented its 
> setup may not be included in this transaction... So it sounds like it 
> may be a bug with the new feature.
> WDYT Joeseph?

Yes this was me thinking it was really clever to run Background before 
any of you're 'Before's. Which would scupper transactions. Will look at 
this ASAP.
Thanks for spotting this.

You can track the ticket here:

Joseph Wilk

> -Ben
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