[rspec-users] webrat methods are undefined

Tom Hoen lists at ruby-forum.com
Wed Jan 28 14:29:51 EST 2009

Josh -

I used "git clone git://github.com/brynary/webrat.git". Should I have 
used a different repo?

First, I set up the host with my subdomain

  host! "rpems.test"

Then the steps for the admin login:

  visit "/login"
  fill_in("login", :with => "admin")
  fill_in("password", :with => "test")
  click_button("Log in")

Then i check what is returned, looking for the word "Classroom" to 
indicate that the user is on the Classrooms page.

So the steps should go

Then the Log In submit, which, if the login is successful (which it 
appears to be), redirects to

What else could I give you to help track down the issue (if I have 
indeed installed the correct repo).

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