[rspec-users] [Cucumber, TextMate Bundle] Call for help

Ben Mabey ben at benmabey.com
Wed Jan 28 11:54:47 EST 2009

Hey all,
As some of you may know I created the Cucumber TextMate bundle:

What most of you probably don't know is that I stopped using TextMate 
(in favor of Vim) several months ago.  Since then the Cucumber bundle 
has been somewhat neglected by me and I've mostly pulled in patches and 
regenerated the syntax for new languages.  I think there are a lot of 
cool things that could still be done with the bundle (see the TODO list 
in the README), but I just don't see myself doing a lot of them without 
the motivation I once had.

Is there anyone on the list with the motivation to take the lead on this 
project and start adding new features to it?  There is a little bit of 
cruft from the old rspec story runner bundle but all in all the code is 
reasonably clean with specs behind it.  I'm still happy to help out, but 
I don't see myself moving too fast without other contributors. :)

Thanks in advance,

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