[rspec-users] webrat methods are undefined

Tom Hoen lists at ruby-forum.com
Wed Jan 28 10:15:39 EST 2009

I am sure it is just a configuration issue, but when I use any of the
steps in the webrat_steps.rb file, I get messages like:

 undefined method `click_link'

I have the webrat gem installed (0.3.4). I have the aslakhellesoy-webrat
( gem installed, and I have the webrat plugin installed.

In my cucumber env.rb file I have the following.
  require 'webrat' if !defined?(Webrat)

  # Comment out the next two lines if you're not using RSpec's matchers
(should   should_not) in your steps.
  require 'cucumber/rails/rspec'
  #require 'webrat/rspec-rails'

So I am sure I have munged the setup. Any advice would be appreciated.

Not withstanding, cucumber works, just not the webrat steps

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