[rspec-users] [ANN] Cucumber 0.2 alpha

Tim Walker walketim at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 13:32:10 EST 2009

On behalf of a very grateful community: Thank you.


On Jan 25, 2009 9:16 AM, "aslak hellesoy" <aslak.hellesoy at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi folks,

I'm pretty excited about the next release - 0.2. Please try out the
prereleases (0.1.99):

  gem sources -a http://gems.github.com
  gem install aslakhellesoy-cucumber

We need updated translations! To see what needs updating, do this:

  cucumber --lang help # To see what languages are incomplete
  cucumber --lang es help # To see what's incomplete in Spanish

Stuff that users should care about:
* New --tags option and @tag keyword in the Gherkin language
* Automatic aliasing of keywords so you can use Given/When/Then in your
language in step definitions
* New --strict option to fail on undefined and pending steps
* New --autoformat option to format your feature sources (useful especially
for tables)
* Make the current scenario available to step definitions
* Multiline tables and strings in steps get printed
* New --help for all the supported languages
* Much faster installation of gem
* Pure Java support via JBehave

Stuff that contributors should care about
* A new design based on an abstract syntax tree with better separation of
* Self tests - Cucumber features for Cucumber
* No need to compile language specific parsers

There are a few features of 0.1 that haven't been ported yet:
* HTML formatter
* Any number of things that I have overseen

Some parts of the Gherkin language have also changed:
* "GivenScenario" is gone. Instead you can call steps from step definitions,
or wait for "Background (#153)"
* "More Examples" is gone. "Scenario" + "More Examples" is no longer
supported. Use "Scenario Outline" + "Examples" instead.

And finally, pure Ruby features are no longer supported.

The code for the 0.1.x series lives on the v0.1.x branch. From now on there
will only be minor bugfixes on 0.1.x.

Big thanks to Joseph Wilk who has helped out a lot during the redesign.
Please be patient about any bugs you find in this release and help us iron
out any wrinkles.

Full (pre)release notes here:

(::) Aslak (::)

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