[rspec-users] Cucumber ENV setting in env.rb

James Byrne lists at ruby-forum.com
Fri Jan 23 09:20:42 EST 2009

My original observation wrt this problem was inaccurate.  The same 
behaviour is evidenced in both my Linux and cygwin environments. 
Setting the environment variable "CUCUMBER_COLORS" in support/env.rb run 
does not alter the behaviour of that run.

As one expects, any environment variable set within a process will not 
persist after that process terminates.  I lack the experience in either 
OS to say whether or not doing so should affect the setting process 
itself or only those processes spawned by that parent after the setting 
of the variable.

I gathered from the cucumber documentation that the writer expected that 
setting the environment in env.rb SHOULD have some effect.  However, I 
cannot say if that expectation was valid or not.

I am not experiencing any problems with displaying colours or text 
enhancements (within the limited ANSI palette) in either environment.
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