[rspec-users] cucumber rake file question

James Byrne lists at ruby-forum.com
Mon Jan 19 10:10:21 EST 2009

Tom Cloyd wrote:
> I did NOT know that the line was optional, though. It's not documented
> anywhere that I've seen, although I suppose that to those more
> knowledgeable than I that fact may be obvious.

My experience is that, while copious, Ruby documentation suffers from 
excessive terseness of expression.  It is almost as if the brevity of 
Ruby code influences the writers' ability to express themselves in 

If you have not done so already then I suggest that you obtain a couple 
of books on Ruby.  Two that I have found extremely well written and 
valuable are:

 The Ruby Way, Second Edition: Solutions and Techniques in Ruby 
Programming by Hal Fulton (2006); and

 Ruby for Rails: Ruby Techniques for Rails Developers by David Black 

Despite its title, Ruby for Rails is an expansive look at Ruby with the 
Rails framework providing an example of how Ruby is meant to be used 
(and sometimes misused).

The Ruby canon of course is the pickaxe book, now revised for Ruby 
1.9/2.0.  You would find the second edition very useful.

  Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmers' Guide, Second Edition by 
Fowler, Hunt and Thomas (2005)

Myself, I prefer David Black's book to all the rest.  His work is 
perhaps the best written textbook that I have ever encountered.

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