[rspec-users] [Cucumber, Webrat] I should see behaves strangely with html

Pau Cor lists at ruby-forum.com
Mon Jan 19 09:21:39 EST 2009

Fernando Perez wrote:
> However yesterday I looked in the code of a project (mephistoblog was 
> it?), and I noticed that they have: config.gem 'nokogiri' in 
> environement.rb. I don't have it, is it compulsory for correctly parsing 
> the response body?

I don't have config.gem 'nokogiri' in environement.rb, but I do have the 
gem installed.

> I don't have any step definition, I simply use: Then I should see 
> "<title>Hello world</title>, its definition is in webrat_steps.rb

Here is the step definition:
Then /^I should see "(.*)"$/ do |text|
  response.body.should =~ /#{text}/m

That works pretty much the same way you would use it in RSpec. I don't 
see any webrat methods (please correct me if I am mistaken).

I think what might be tripping you up is that this step definition just 
puts whatever is in quotes into a Regex. I personally think we should 
avoid having a Regex in a step because most business users don't 
understand them. So I often change this matcher to be

Then /^I should see "(.*)"$/ do |text|
  response.body.should =~ /#{Regexp.escape(text)}/m

I suggest you either try that step matcher, or you make sure your step 
is properly escaping any special Regex characters. Perhaps this:
  Then I should see "\<title\>Hello world\<\/title\>"

I believe that it prints out the regex used if response.body.should =~ 
/#{text}/m fails. If you still can't get it to work, pasting the entire 
output of you test here (maybe use Pastie.org)

Caveat: I am running version 0.1.13 so it is possible things have 

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