[rspec-users] Time for seperate cucumber mailing list?

Andrew Premdas apremdas at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 11:37:48 EST 2009

2009/1/17 Kero van Gelder <kero at chello.nl>

> >> Because traffic is increasing
> That's a bad reason to split a list.

> >> Because cucumber really is a seperate mature topic now.
> >
> > Good point. Can any newbies to the scene comment if this is confusing?
> It is mature.
> But is it separate?

It is seperate because you can do BDD with Cucumber without using RSpec at
all. The reason that Cucumber is discussed on a RSpec mailing list is purely

> Most interesting (imho) discussions on this list are about the larger
> picture.
> "Individuals and interaction over process and tools"
> splitting a mailing list reduces interaction ;)
> And isn't it wonderful how a question about regexps triggers a team
> to standardize their language? Too bad if you miss that because the thread
> was on the other mailling list...

You can subscribe to mutliple lists. Having lots of posts about mocking
objects in controller specs is going to make it harder to find your
interesting BDD discussions.

> I skip the Rails questions, mostly; but questions about too often needing
> "Given I am logged in as XYZ with roles A B C"
> contribute to discussions about GivenScenario and nested steps, i.e.
> helps driving the direction of our tools.
> (meaning that I could argue that rails related stuff should go to its
> own mailing list, but that I will not argue that; use delete-thread
> in your favorite mail progam instead.)

Rails related stuff has its own mailing list it has 17,000 members and I
have 800 messages on it since a last looked at it! I certainly wouldn't want
them all here

> I'd rather see people using topics like
>  [Rails] my models and viewers are out of control!
>  [Cucumber] I can not heckle the pickles
>  [spec] it should do
> to allow people to filter automagically what they are not interested in.
> A little bit of discipline that should come easily when you wonder the
> entire day about the best specs and stories, and variable names, no?

This is an excellent idea. But isn't it also indicative of the fact that
this mailing list is being used to discuss a wide range of topics that have
little to do with RSpec.

> Bye,
> Kero.

Thankyou for your input

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