[rspec-users] Reorganize documentation for Cucumber at Github

Fernando Perez lists at ruby-forum.com
Sat Jan 17 12:39:30 EST 2009


I actually just noticed that Cucumber has plenty good documentation on
its wiki at github. But the problems are:

- The homepage is badly designed as it doesn't really outline an order
to read other pages
- It is impossible to make the difference between internal links to the
wiki and links that will bring us some where else unless we hover over
the link
- Pages don't link to each other such as: read next page or previous
page, or related pages
- Pages are just sorted alphabetically which is not a proper way of

Would it be possible to at least number the pages in the order in which
we should read as if we were reading a book about cucumber?

The documentation seems excellent but is definitely not well marketed
for new comers :)
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