[rspec-users] Testing file attachment with Paperclip

Fernando Perez lists at ruby-forum.com
Fri Jan 16 17:42:20 EST 2009

Nicholas Wieland wrote:
> Does someone have an example on faking a file upload for just ensuring
> it gets called, without actually uploading the file to s3.
> I thought that stubbing Model.has_attached_file would be enough, but
> it doesn't seem so ...
> This is what I did:
> Video.stub!( :has_attached_file ).with( :name ).and_return( true )
> has_attached_file is from paperclip, it gets mixed to the model.
> 1)
> RightAws::AwsError in 'VideosController should create a valid Video'
> AWS access keys are required to operate on S3
> /Users/ngw/zooppa-4/app/controllers/videos_controller.rb:6:in `create'
> /Users/ngw/zooppa-4/spec/controllers/videos_controller_spec.rb:17:
> Maybe I missed something ?
> TIA,
>    ngw

I am struggling with Webrat and Paperclip. If I specify:
validates_attachment_presence     :image, then AR complains because 
there is no image set.

Therefore I decide to remove this validation, and instead use:
validates_presence_of :image_file_name, to trick him. But it still 
doesn't work. When I create a new object, even if I put: 
Product.create!(..., :image_file_name => 'thumb1.png'), AR still 
complains and it says that Image file name is missing. There must be 
some Paperclip magic which I can't get around.

The only solution I have found is to remove the validation of the 
attachment for passing the tests, but I'd like to keep it.

Anyone ran into this previously?
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