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On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 12:14 PM, Juanma Cervera <lists at ruby-forum.com>wrote:

> Ok.
> I have solved my problem.
> Because I am using spanish for wrinting my features, I didn't paste the
> exact sentences of the code I was using, and pasted instead a
> "manual-translated similar" code.
> And nobody could see the problem. Never more.
> The problem was that I was writing the block for the have_selector with
> do...end instead of {...}
> And it didn't work in these case.
> Is this a bug or is it a special feature of this construct.

You have to use {} in this case. {} and do..end have different precedence
rules in the Ruby language.

In this case, when you use do..end, the block gets sent to the #should
method (the leftmost), but if you use {} it gets sent to the #have_selector
method (the rightmost).


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