[rspec-users] Please clarify test / step definition return value?

James Byrne lists at ruby-forum.com
Wed Jan 14 16:38:08 EST 2009

David Chelimsky wrote:

> Seems like you've answered your own question. I'm not sure where it's
> laid out in the docs, but I'm also unsure as to where you got the
> impression you had :)

Well, the impression came from my unconscious mental mapping of 
pass=true and fail=false.  "should_be something" or "assert 
something_else" seem, on the surface, to be a simple true or false, yes 
or no, type conditionals. I mapped that impression, in the absence of 
any information to the contrary, to my personal expectations of my own 

I have exerted myself to learn this stuff and even have taken the 
Pragmatic Programmers course on testing.  Somehow I missed the 
distinction between fail and false.  I am not likely to forget it 


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