[rspec-users] autospec is not picking latest changes

Fernando Perez lists at ruby-forum.com
Wed Jan 14 16:28:36 EST 2009


I am facing a similar problem. Actually what happens, is that when I 
edit specs and then save, then autospec detects it and runs the specs, 
but when I edit the application's code only, then autospec doesn't run. 
Is that a normal behavior because of people fed up of autospec running 
10 times because they saved 10 different files in a row?

I am running:
- Ruby 1.8.7 patchlevel 70
- Rails 2.2.2
- rspec and rspec-rails 1.1.12
- ZenTest 3.11

Luis Lavena wrote:
> Hey Guys.
> I just updated a project form 1.1.4 that was working with autotest
> 3.10 without issues:
> 1) Updated spec/model/project_spec.rb and it fired only that spec.
> 2) Updated app/model/project.rb and it fired only the matching spec 
> file.
> After the update of rspec and rspec-rails as plugins a few minutes
> ago, it only run the controller specs and no other. Also, it doesn't
> matter which file I change, always run the same set of controller +
> model files.
> Running old "autotest" only, it happens the same.
> Since the loading and matching mechanism changed a few revisions back,
> I'll like to know if someone else is facing similar situation (or I'm
> just the one with the awkward environment).
> Thanks in advance,
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> Luis Lavena
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