[rspec-users] IRB-like utility for Cucumber?

Scott Taylor scott at railsnewbie.com
Wed Jan 14 13:12:22 EST 2009

On Jan 14, 2009, at 12:23 PM, Sebastian W. wrote:

> Hello RSpec forum,
> So...I realize this is a bit of a crazy question, but I wanted to  
> throw
> it out there to see what answers came back: is there any way to  
> start an
> "interactive Cucumber" session similar to irb?
> For example:
> bash> crb
>>> Given that I do stuff
>>> When I do more stuff
>>> Then stuff should happen
> For each line, this imaginary "crb" utility would search some  
> feature &
> steps folders that I define somewhere, go look them up and then  
> execute
> them one by one. I was thinking it'd be kinda neat for experimenting  
> and
> playing around.
> Also, I'm my own case, I'm integrating Cucumber with Selenium, so it'd
> be nice to be able to drive the browser and play around as you're
> writing up a feature (I was thinking the QA folks I work with would  
> find
> it pretty fun).

Why not just start the debugger in the middle of a step definition?    
(Check out the ruby-debug gem)


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