[rspec-users] IRB-like utility for Cucumber?

Sebastian W. lists at ruby-forum.com
Wed Jan 14 12:23:29 EST 2009

Hello RSpec forum,
So...I realize this is a bit of a crazy question, but I wanted to throw
it out there to see what answers came back: is there any way to start an
"interactive Cucumber" session similar to irb?

For example:
bash> crb
>> Given that I do stuff 
>> When I do more stuff
>> Then stuff should happen

For each line, this imaginary "crb" utility would search some feature &
steps folders that I define somewhere, go look them up and then execute
them one by one. I was thinking it'd be kinda neat for experimenting and
playing around.

Also, I'm my own case, I'm integrating Cucumber with Selenium, so it'd
be nice to be able to drive the browser and play around as you're
writing up a feature (I was thinking the QA folks I work with would find
it pretty fun).

Is this even possible, or am I dreaming the impossible dream? What would
it take to accomplish? I'd love to contribute this if it was doable. :)

Thank you!
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