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Tue Jan 13 15:10:38 EST 2009

Stephen Eley wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 13, 2009 at 10:41 AM, James Byrne <lists at ruby-forum.com> 
> wrote:
>> Logins are a pervasive feature of this application
> Which is exactly why you should standardize.  If you try to be
> accommodating toward unclear communication, you're just going to
> create confusion when people need to get things done.  

I appreciate the advice and accept the wisdom that it contains.  I have 
no intention of handling with a regexp every situation where there might 
be more than one English expression available to express a concept.  Nor 
do I intend to otherwise permit multiplicities of expression to exist. 
However, on the matter of log in versus log on and its common 
variations, I think I will stick with my initial instinct.  Initially I 
provided the different variants of login matchers along the lines shown 

When /see a login success message/ do

When /see a log in success message/ do
  Then "see a login success message"

When /see a sign on success message/ do

The revised regexp version simply puts all of these together in one 
place for me.  As for forcing people to remember that it is login and 
not logon;  well this project does not exist in a vacuum.  The people 
involved deal with at least three different operating systems every day, 
each one of which has its own dialect with respect to what constitutes 
an authenticated user.  I will accept a little flexibility of expression 
here in the service of user comfort.

In any case the term login, in the context of a web application 
environment, seems a bit of a misnomer from the outset.  I cannot get 
too worked up over the idea of unclear communication when one is dealing 
with as muddy a concept as that represented by login.  Really, what I 
should be saying is:

  Given user "myuser" has a current authenticated session
    And I see the session authenticated message
  When I terminate my current session
  Then the current session is destroyed
    And I should see the user authentication request message

However, current authenticated session tends to be a little unwieldy in 
casual speech.

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