[rspec-users] Persisting Logins and Sessions across scenarios

James Byrne lists at ruby-forum.com
Mon Jan 12 14:49:23 EST 2009

Stephen Eley wrote:

> On acceptance testing, I'd favor going through the actual session
> creation logic instead of mocking it, even if you don't put an
> explicit "Given" every time.  Yeah, it's slower.  But acceptance tests
> aren't _supposed_ to be fast; they're supposed to demonstrate real
> usage, and be the last line of defense between your app and the big
> bad world.  They're going to be slow with or without login each time.
> And if there is some unseen routing or filtering bug in some
> controller's session access that doesn't show up in your test because
> you skipped past all that, and you lose a day and some hair trying to
> figure it out, you're going to wonder whether the seconds you saved
> were worth it.

Ok, Ok, Ok... It is no big deal to login in every time.  If that is the 
way it should be done in general then I have learned enough these past 
weeks that I will go with the flow and save myself some headaches.

Thanks for the pointers and the explanations.  I feel much more 
comfortable about doing the login in each scenario now that I understand 
the reasons.
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