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Mon Jan 12 10:20:35 EST 2009

Tom Cloyd wrote:
> The problem is that this assumes you are working with Rails, about
> which I know little and desire to know less. I get stuck, on that page,
> at the phrase...
> ==When you run "script/generate cucumber" ==
> Huh? Is this something you do in Rails?
> Then there's this --
> -----
> Running script/generate cucumber adds this layout to the existing
> structure:
> ||-- features
> |   |-- step_definitions
> |   |   `-- webrat_steps.rb
> |   `-- support
> |       `-- env.rb
> |
> We are now ready to begin testing with cucumber.
> -----
> Well, maybe for some people...but not for me.
> I simply cannot see what to do first. 

First, let me a assure you that ignorance, or at least the admission to 
it, is a de facto requirement here.  If we all knew everything then 
there would be precious little to write about.

Second, as the author of the Cucumber Backgrounder, I apologize for my 
evident bias in creating a solely Rails Centric guide.  This article 
was, in fact, my first attempt at such a thing and I completely 
overlooked that others might not approach testing with cucumber from 
outside the Rails Framework.  Over the next little while I will 
endeavour to correct that defect.

Third, that article was intended as a guide on how to get cucumber 
working inside a Rails project rather than a guide on how to actually 
construct tests/features.  In other words, it deals primarily with the 
mechanics of setting up the environment rather than with exercising the 
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