[rspec-users] getting started - very much a beginner

Tom Cloyd tomcloyd at comcast.net
Sun Jan 11 07:26:04 EST 2009

A hope my ignorance is acceptable here. I have, to this point,
programmed in Ruby mostly using my awareness of procedural programming; 
I've written a small number of very useful programs for myself. I'm 
starting to use classes now - just starting.

I have a small project I'm working on - setting up a database based on 
the directed acyclic graph (DAG) model (using Ruby only). I'm been 
studying test-directed development, which led me to BDD, at which point 
I got really excited. I truly want to go forward with learning cucumber, 
and rspec.

So here I am trying to started using cucumber, and I'm having a little
trouble. The documentation in the cucumber wiki isn't, to my poverty
stricken perception, at all procedural, although individual pages seem
quite lucid and accessible. After reading and rereading (I've looked at
every page, and most several times), it appears that the "start" page is
"Cucumber Backgrounder". The problem is that this assumes you are 
working with Rails, about which I know little and desire to know less. I 
get stuck, on that page, at the phrase...

==When you run "script/generate cucumber" ==

Huh? Is this something you do in Rails?

Then there's this --


Running script/generate cucumber adds this layout to the existing

||-- features
|   |-- step_definitions
|   |   `-- webrat_steps.rb
|   `-- support
|       `-- env.rb

We are now ready to begin testing with cucumber.


Well, maybe for some people...but not for me.

I simply cannot see what to do first. Do I manually create some kind of
directory structure and fill it with...well, with what? Feature
description files? And then what do I do? I'm guessing that this is
covered by the "Running features" page. Am I right?

Is there documentation somewhere that talks about using cucumber to
launch BDD using a non-Rails Ruby program? I think that's what I really
need. I cannot quite get past this stuck place, so any help at all would
be much appreciated. I'm sorry to bother folks with this - I'm sure it's
all quite obvious to you; I wish it were to me, and hope that it soon
will be.




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