[rspec-users] [Cucumber] after feature hook?

aidy lewis aidy.lewis at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 5 11:08:03 EST 2009

Hi Joe, Aslak

2009/1/5 Joseph Wilk <joe at josephwilk.net>:
> aidy lewis wrote:
>> Hi Alsak,
>> I am finding it difficult to separate my Acceptance Tests unless I
>> have lengthy scenarios.
>> One scenario would be one sequence of action etc - until a goal is
>> reached.
>> At the end of the feature, I would like the browser to close:
> So you are using scenarios to get the browser into a certain state and then
> the next scenario relies on continuing work on that state?
> I guess this must mean one scenario failing breaks all following scenarios
> in the feature?
>> If the
>> browser closes on each scenario - they I have to get back to the
>> previous state. This is expensive with browser based tests.
>> Aidy
> A bit of a side note but can I ask why you need the browser to close after a
> scenario or feature?
> In Selenium (not sure if Watir is the same) the time expense of starting a
> new browser instances per scenario or per feature is too high (It can take
> 7/8 seconds for selenium to start a browser). So rather than closing and
> opening new browsers we use a single browser instance open throughout the
> test run. We terminate the session before each scenario (By accessing
> logout).
> @@@ruby
> World do
>  ...
>  browser.open '/logout'
>  ...
> end
> @@@

at_exit {browser.close} works fine and I should have thought of that. Thanks

Maybe Selenium RC is slow on starting the browser by going through the
HTTP proxy - but I am not sure. Watir\Firewatir does not take that

I am closing the browser because if the test or A-U-T totally bombs; I
can get rid of that session and run the next test. So if one test
fails, all my tests don't.


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