[rspec-users] Cucumber model expectations fail to find newly created users

Ben Mabey ben at benmabey.com
Sun Jan 4 14:46:54 EST 2009

On 1/4/09 12:13 PM, Hubert Lepicki wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I have strange problem with getting model expectations to work with
> Cucumber. My setup is that I use Cucumber + Webrat (Selenium backend).

My guess is that you are using Selenium in conjuction with rails 
transactional fixtures turned on.  In your env.rb file do you have the 

If so that is your problem. What is happending is that you two separate 
processes and two separate DB connections going.  One is running the 
server for selenium, and the other is for your features.  With 
transactional_fixtures turned on all of your DB calls for each scenario 
are wrapped in into a transaction that is rolled back at the end.  Be 
default MySQL, and most other DBs I would imagine, don't let the data in 
a transaction appear to any other queries until that transaction is 
actually committed. That is why you can see the correct count in the 
process running the features but not the selenium process.

How do you get around this?  You could change your settings on MySQL, 
but I wouldn't suggest that.   What I do is turn off 
transactional_fixtures and then manage the DB cleanup myself in After 
blocks.  The quick and dirty way to do this is to truncate your tables.. 
There have been some threads on this list explaining how to do this.  
There are some other ways to accomplish this without resorting to 
truncating everytime too, but I will let you google and find those threads.

This problem seems to come up quite a bit.. we should probably add this 
to the Troubleshooting page on Cucumber's wiki....

Anyways, I hope that helps.


> Story I test is registering user on site. Cucumber runs story perfectly
> fine, and I see it fills in form, sends it, I even see proper "You have
> successfully registered" message at the end. However, as a last element
> of story I want to make sure the user was really created in database -
> and this fails.
> I have definition of following step:
> Then /^should exist exactly "(.*)" users$/ do |cnt, state|
>    User.count.should == cnt.to_i
> end
> However, it always complains that there are 0 users, when expected X.
> What is even more stranger, when I log into console, and do User.count,
> I get proper number of users - they were actually created during running
> a story!
> Any ideas?

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